KN4YB Right Angle Single Lever Bug


This is my first key that I designed in January 2018. The concept of having a specifically designed key to run at 13 WPM and above was inspired by having some
Vibroplexes with extensions attached. I found some drawbacks running extensions on Vibroplexes and wanted something that was made to run with them.
The first order was to make a key with ball bearings rather that the old point in cup with a yoke. As soon as you added extra weight it induced lateral drag.
This drag effects the recoil needed for the contact spring leaving dits ill formed. The dual ball bearings do a better job with this and no need to adjust for wear.
Also a longer main lever rod and a longer contact spring for better response to the slower speeds.
Second concept point is the right angle for the ability to make a compact key that would travel well and not take up desk space

Intro video

Speed and adjustment video

Another variant The safety key For use for cathode keyed transmitters