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Ah yes paddles! The most popular key in hamdom after 18 wpm

This key shares a lot of the same bug parts as my bugs. It has many features in its pricing group over others in the 100.00 range. In the center of its 3"x 2" cold rolled steel base is a utility mounting hole thats 1/4 20 threads This is the same threads as a camera tripod . If you need extra hold down its done for you. Also a neat way to mount for mobile. The next feature is adjustable fingerpeice width. It starts at 3/4" and by stacking spacers you can close down the 3/8". This is a quad ball bearing key with arm height ajustment for perfect alignment for the hand brazed silver contacts. Contact and spring return presure is fully adjustable with no tools needed by the use of diamod knurled thumb wheels. Mounted feet are screwed the bottom. No cheezy glued feet as you can remove them if you like to mount the key in a base. Again like all my keys adfustment for contact space and spring pressure is on one shaft. Come hard wired ready to plug in and work the world over