Ordering and Pricing

All keys come with a black wrinkle paint over a 1018 steel base. Also they can be built right or left handed before paint.I can and have used other colors like blue, purple, red and gray. I can install at anytime, top terminals for 25.00

Price for the models without shipping is USPS/Fedex is 15.00 in the states. Most places in Euro,Asia, and VKland 40.00, Canada 25.00

Right Angle Single Lever SL190RA 190.00 (new model)

Inline Dual Lever DL165IN 165.00

Right Angle Dual lever DL150RA 150.00

Inline Single Lever SL170IN(new model) 170.00

Paddles 100.00

SL85 85.00

SW75 75.00

Please check out youtube and subcribe to Thomas Devoe KN4YB for more current info


Paypal or money orders Paypal address is the same as my email address. Home address is good in the book/QRZ.com.